December 17, 2011

Plant Relaxation

Here's a little peek into my world.

It's been one of those beautiful, glorious, God-given days where much was accomplished and I was so blessed. Yet, tugging in the back of my mind and whispering in my ears, is a little voice that lets me know that I'm just not quite like "all the others."

Let me give you a glimpse...This morning, my DH (dear husband) and I went to pick up our Farm Box of Deliciousness, take a bag to the thrift store, pick up some coats for a coat drive we're sponsoring for Grace Resources, drop some books off to the library and mail some packages for some items that I sold on Listia. It should have been a super relaxing morning but I was on the tip of the iceberg with tension.

I was dropping stuff off to the thrift store and donating coats, yet the shirt I'm wearing has a million holes around the edge of it. The library books were wonderful, but I had forgotten that the movies are due 1 week before the books. Library fine. I had been trying to help our family out to make a little money by selling a few things on Listia, but it turns out that I had no clue how expensive shipping is, and the money people paid me, nowhere near covered the cost to ship the items. Money down the drain.

This might all be just fine and dandy, but we need milk, we need to get 2 white elephant gifts for a party, we need to bake a million cookies as gifts this year because we can't afford anything else, and our cars are breaking. Whine, whine, whine. :)  Joey's been out of a job 9 months now, and things are just super tight. School books are due for payment in January and they cost a fortune! The government keeps threatening a shutdown...and that's where I work. It's just been kind of a tough month. Christmas is supposed to be fun, and about Christ and a perfect time to love even more on family and be festive, right?!

Needless to say, all this whirs around in my mind and being the super-emotional basket-case that I am right now, I gotta do something to combat that! I can't imagine if I wasn't a Christian, not having a God to run to and just talk things out with and love me despite all my worrying and distrust. Thankfully I have a loving God and a patient husband. I am blessed. I have a home, a job, 2 puppies, a marvelous man, and enough stuff to cause clutter. I have a lot more than a lot of people do right now. Here's something I'm working on memorizing because obviously I need to remember it!! :)
Matthew 6:25-27
 Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?
Sooooo true. Gosh, darn it! I know things work out for good, for those who love the Lord. Whyyyy do I have the worst time putting trusting into practice?

Despite my buzzing, running-rampant mind, some other things help to ease this anxiousness: pretty things. Namely: plants, gardening, flowers, etc. Thus, today was the perfect day for our farm basket to be delivered. Look at all the wonderful goodies we got!!

Massive Cabbages!

Lettuce and Arugula

Spinach and Rosemary

Acorn Squash, Apples and Oranges

Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and lemons

I made some tasty soup with the potatoes, carrots and squash...I'll share the recipe later!

After cooking and putting away my treasures, I repotted a few of my window-sill plants. I'm a wanna-be Green Thumb. Slowly, but surely, right?!

My parents-in-law drink all the coffee, so I scored some awesome coffee cans from them for my new plant pots!

So, I'm attempting to grow rosemary from cuttings, that I now transplanted from an egg carton to a small black pot. They sort of look half-dead. But I'm hoping!! There's a bit of green there! The rose bush is from the dollar store from my DH (:) and it's still alive, the green fluffy plant is also from the dollar store and was labeled: Colorful Plant. Still don't know what it is. Any ideas? The little square black container randomly started sprouting last week and has about 4 mini sprouts in it of who knows what. I planted something in there last spring that died and can't remember what it was! :)
And in the black round pot is a Basil plant that had wonderful leaves, then slowly wilted, dropped its leaves and ended up a stub, stuck in the dirt. Not sure what sort of disease it had. I left it, then watered it randomly last week, and wonder of wonders...its growing! :) The leaves are all deformed where they were munched off, buuuut it looks like it's growing healthier than before! What on earth. So, I have a motley crew of plants, wouldn't you say? :) And somehow, helping things to grow and be beautiful, helps me calm down, stop worrying and breathe easy. 

God's got the lilies, and the deformed basils, and the mini rosebushes, and the funky little sprouts all taken care of. I know I am too. :) 

Much love!!


  1. Goodness girl, about every time I leave the house, my day goes like that! Something about having a toddler makes the day just go wonky, and the more I want it to go right, the more I fight it, the worse it gets. C'est la vie. :) Beautiful plants, I'm jealous!

  2. I have tried memorizing that passage too! I have been doing a women's bible study since October and the first was on the book "Living Above Worry and Stress" and that passage was in that book a lot as well as our new bible study which is "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World". I love reading your blog, because it is such an uplifting part of my day. :-)
    Plants are looking good and I have those Alpine strawberry seeds for you. I will do cuttings in spring, once they start growing again, but I will send out those seeds ASAP and I will include some info on them too!

  3. I know its hard but that passage really sums it up, you need to let go and know that what is, is. If you can change it great, if not just roll with it, God will always catch you if you start to roll too fast down the hill. :) I think your colorful plant may be a geranium, thats kind of what the leaves look like but I am not sure. Thanks so much for stopping by the other day, I am stopping back and gladly following. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a Merry Christmas. :)

  4. That makes me want to plant a garden this next spring!

    I'm a new follower every way I could find. You have a great site and hope you can get the chance to visit mine and return the favor. I also just posted the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop if you'd like to join! Thanks!

  5. Thanks, guys. This week has been much better. Letting go, and letting God. :) I'll have another gardening post up dogs unfortunately got to my little sprouts and my basil plant. :'\ But I just planted a pineapple, so I'm excited to write about that!

  6. Hey Jasanna, Tonya here from 4 little Fergusons. I am so so sorry you guys are going through this tough time financially. We just finished what we call our "Year of Financial Discipline". It was TOUGH and there were times I thought we'd collapse from the heat of the Refiners Fire.
    I don't know if you were around for these, but I felt lead to share this series with you, and hope they can bring you comfort:
    Blessings to you and yours, T


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