March 3, 2012

Do You Know?

You know, life is such a breath. As in, it's so short when you really think about it. Not to be morbid, but tonight was such a good reminder of that. My best friend's husband was in a motorcycle accident, rushed to Trauma, and diagnosed with a fractured neck, ripped arm muscles, and a bit of bleeding on the brain. Nothing really wakes you up more to the fragility of life than rushing to the emergency room and seeing someone lay there on the gurney, dosed up on medicine and bruised from head to foot. Family crying, urgent phone calls, and prayers.

That could have been me. Or you.
He's ok. My friend's husband is going to pull through, but for a while there, it was very uncertain exactly what was going to be happening. He is still drugged up on meds, and hasn't fully become lucid yet, but he is on the mend. They still have a rough time ahead of them, working through the healing process. And during those times, a lot runs through your head. And not a lot, at the same time.
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It's so easy to get caught up in the whirl of life. What to get at the grocery store. What to make for dinner when you get home from work. Complaining about work. Complaining about school. Studying for school. Getting into disagreements with spouses. Wanting things your own way. Complaining some more (even in your mind). Going here, going there. And doing this all over again the next day. Guilty as charged.

I think our culture today almost tries to force us not to think about anything in the future besides what we'll wear, where we'll go or how much money we could make. It's everywhere. Commercials are all about us buying stuff. Everywhere we look we're supposed to want want want. Do you ever stop to really truly think about where the universe *came* from? Do you ever think about what comes after? Let me just tell you that the shopping and eating and rushing stops. :)

It's days like these that make me truly realize what a blessing it is to know exactly where I'm going when I die. That it's not just blackness afterwards. That it's something I don't want to think about. I love thinking about it. And when you're anticipating what comes after, and it's going to be a glorious thing: heaven; it's not morbid at all! I'm so glad that I made that purposeful choice to follow my God and Saviour, Jesus. Alistair Begg's message on the radio a few days ago really summed it up. He said in no few words that it's not the goodness of the person, the greatness of their gifts, nor the elaborate way that they profess faith in Jesus that makes the markings of a true disciple of God. Will there be failings? Yes! Will there be stumbles and bumps along the way? Of course! But it's the difference of their lives from then to now that will ultimately verify their choice to follow God.

Do you ever stop to think where you'd go, if one night you never woke up?


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