March 4, 2012

Spiffy Business: Kai Fragrance Review

Clean design and clean products is how I would describe Kai Fragrance. If Kai was a picture in my mind (and I always get mental word-associations), then it would be one of the minimalistic homes in Elle Decor that has one of those fantastic outdoor showers made out of bamboo, and lush greenery surrounding it. :)

This word-description thing is fun. I just may do this every time now!

Kai Fragrance is much more than perfume oil, though. They sell all kinds of body products from deodorant to body buffers to linen spray! Although it began as a company formed by Gaye Straza, and designed to embody exotic flower scents in a natural way, it has expanded to a whole line of products sold exclusively in boutiques and spas. Usher, Reese Witherspoon and Giuliana Rancic are just a few of the celebrities that call these body products their own.

"As a child my family would spend summers in Hawaii...There’s nothing like the scent of exotic flowers, and plumeria, pikake, gardenia, and jasmine seemed to grow everywhere. Every time I smell one of those flowers I’m instantly back on the islands surrounded by loved ones"

~ kai founder Gaye Straza (Elle, January 2012)

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