May 18, 2012


Today we found out that there is an offer in on our home. We still have barely anything in savings, since Captain has barely worked long, especially full-time. There are other expenses in the works, and now the home we live in will be sold out from under us. It is a bit of a shaky time and all is quite uncertain. I'm sorry if during this time of finals and crazy happenings on the home-front, I am not as regular at posting as I ought to be. I am really working on focusing on the 1 thing that I know for sure is certain: my God and Savior Jesus.

When all else in the world fails, He is the one who knows the master plan.

I have been truly learning to cast my cares on Him, but it is so evident to me that I have a lot to learn when circumstances become even tougher. I obviously have not mastered it yet. :)

I covet your prayers and encourage you to travel on this journey with us, as we learn to truly put our lives in the hands of the One who holds eternity.


  1. Will keep your family in our prayers.
    LOrd, you are in control, I cannot imagine what it is like, and just asking you GOd to keep them. Send help their way, and just light the pathway you desire them to take. Give them your peace and just surround this family with your presence.

    In Jesus's Name,

    Keeping your family in our thoughts...hang in there.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the prayers. :)


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