June 16, 2012

Where's Waldo....Day 3

So, we're today, we're traveling from Grand Junction, Colorado to Golden, Colorado.
If you've missed any of the previous posts of our long move cross-country, please go and read the first post here: From California to Utah!

We loved Grand Junction! It's such a scenic, yet lovely, sprawling town! In any case, we must move on...Off to Golden we go! (Yay! We get to go through the Rockies today!)
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The rocks are giving way to a few more trees!

As we finally reached the Rockies, the drive was incredibly lovely! We drove on a beautiful, clear day and only got lost once in Glenwood Springs/Aspen (those roads are *crazy*). I loved these trees with beautiful white bark that shrouded the hillside! I truly wish I could have taken more photos because of all the loveliness, but my little 4 cylinder car was having a tough time chugging up the mountain!

We went through many a tunnel! (echo, echo, echo...)

This fun little car took us back several decades and I followed it most of the way down the Rockies.

We finally made it to Golden, CO. It was a lovely place! We were greeted by this parasailer (I think?) who jumped off a mountain with his chute and was twirling above my head as I drove...So cool!

We were blessed to be able to stay at Captain's grandparent's B&B, The Silk Pincushion. I'll do a spot on that later, but it was so cute and lovely! We were happy to see the family that he has in Colorado and spend an evening with them!


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