September 9, 2013

Ages & Ages

Well, it has certainly been some time, no?

Let's see what has happened..
-We have moved and are now located in Iowa, not California.
-We are living in a 1 BR apartment that we are enjoying, but counting the days until we can purchase a house!
-We are now running regularly every week and did our 1st 5k this year, and hopefully our 2nd this fall.
-My summer garden was a little success of tomatoes and (now growing) peppers, cucumbers, carrots and more.
-I've been honing my foraging skills and am now able to identify elderberries, sumac (not the poison kind), wild grapes, wild raspberries, black walnut, morel mushrooms, lamb's quarters, and gooseberries in the wild.
-We've been camping and exploring our local area several times this year and love finding new and fun places (and seeing extended family while we're at it)!
-And last but not least, we have been going to an amazing church body that sticks so closely to the Bible and truly serves each other and the community. We love it and we are growing, which is a total blessing! Finding a church that was very solid and had small groups was quite hard!
I have been striving to create a more healthful home environment, where we eat only organic (preferably grass-fed) dairy, organic fruits & veggies, and organic grain products. We are cutting out processed foods as much as possible, and I've been learning to make some rather delicious recipes by soaking grains and even learning to make water kefir. Yum! The local co-op really helps out with the grass-fed meat part!

Now, this blog will take a different tone. Although I did giveaways in the past, unless someone approaches me about their products to review, I won't be doing the giveaway, as I did in the past. 

I'll also be posting much less regularly, but will post recipes, healthful advice that we've found useful and such. Hope you stick around for the peek into our lives!

Our Minneapolis February trip to Como Park. Definitely worth a visit!
Camping at lake Red Rock with some awesome friends, and surrounded by poison ivy in the foreground.
Camping at Loud Thunder Preserve on the border of Illinois and Iowa, where we visited family. Such fun!
Some 4th of July fireworks at Raccoon River Park in Des Moines.
Some lovely little mushrooms I haven't identified yet, at Ledges Park.
Biking the High Trestle Trail. Gorgeous views.
Capturing some majestic lightening.

Peace & Love,


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  1. Such pretty photos and I really need to go camping sometime next spring:) Kisses


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